Ps Perspective…. ” Black Love ” Season 2 Episode 13

Ps Perspective…. ” Black Love ” Season 2 Episode 13

This Week We Examine Black Love As It Pertains To Us. Before We Can Be A Traditional Black Family, We Have To Learn To Communicate, And Comprehend Whats Being Communicated To One Another As Men And Women. Until We Can Be Flexible Enough To Have Challenging Dialogues And Not Attack One Another, The Concept Of Family Will Be Non Existent.


1) Do Black Men Love Black Women
2) Do Black Women Love Black Men
3) Should Black People Only Love, Date And Marry Black

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  1. Tam Williams

    23 days ago

    Peace T.P.
    Thank You So Much For This.
    I think black men love black women and black women love black men. I also think it’s evident despite our differences. It’s unfortunate that because we have disagreements and arent always in alignment, it has to mean that we don’t love eachother. At some point, we have to take responsibility for our own narrative and know that the positive should always outweigh the negative. Black men and women compliment eachother effortlessly and both should have the desire to have everlasting love with one another.

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