On The 8th Day…….

On The 8th Day…….

It has been said, “ While a lot of independent artist can rap, most can’t write a hook to save their life…” embarking on my solo career, I had written countless rhymes. Freestyles, collaborations , verses you name it I wrote it. I had never written a song that I felt could get a radio play, and thats not to say I wasn’t creating great music, but radio friendly music is different from great music. Then I met Vega Benetton, and he and I created a song that to this day I believe I am associated with. Whenever people see me they ask “ are you gonna do my joint “. When I first wrote the record the hook was different. I think it was more street, and Vega stated “ My shorty said the song is hot, just change ya hook. ” Initially I don’t know how I felt about it, but I didn’t think it would be wise to argue with the producer, instead he told me he loved this specific part of the hook, if I could just change my melody. And the rest was history. I began performing this record everywhere, it was amazing the responses I would get. Besides the crowds screaming “ BLACKOUT “ I was always humbled by the chants of “ I DREAM “.. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play have all picked this record up….

  1. Jaquetta white

    2521 days ago

    I listened to all your music it I love it all awesome just proud of you keep on going

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