Tuesday’s With T.Parris….

Tuesday’s With T.Parris….


Where Is the outrage? Cyntonia Brown , a young lady whom at the time was a teenager, was in a abusive relationship with a man who turned her on to prostitution. After days of being sexually abused and filled with drugs, various men raping her as part if a sex trade she was then sold to someone else. Cyntonia whom I can even imagine how she feels, eventually shot and killed one of her attackers. Brown has been tried and convicted as an adult, she will be eligible for parole at the age of 69 due to a mandatory life sentence.. i have seen a few posts, some celebrities have spoken out.. Myself included, I feel like us men don’t show enough outrage or even the same outrage we do when men are caught up in something we deem unjust… why is that ? Im sure most of us were raised by women


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