Tuesday’s With T.Parris….

Tuesday’s With T.Parris….


Yesterday Hip Hop Artist Meek Mill Was Sentenced To 2-4 Years For Probation Violations. Back In 2008 Meek Was Arrested For Gun & Drug Possession. After A Prison Stay, House Arrest & A Few Violations , He Found Himself Back In Front If The Same Judge Who Previously Warned Him… “ I Gave You Break After Break …Im Done With You. “ Were The Words Of Judge Brinkley After Meek Made An Attempt To Convince The Judge To Forgive His Mistakes. Yesterday I Made A Post About This And Immediately The Comments Came Pouring In. There Was A Divide Between Those Who Feel He Got What He Deserved Vs Those Who Feel The Penalty Is Too Harsh. What I Found Interesting Is The Divide Was Speared By Age. The Younger Generation Sides With Meek The Older Sides With “ Justice “ . I Wanna Ask Why Cant We Find Commonality Even With Our Very Own?

Key Points: He Was On Probation
He Know The Stipulations

Violations: Two Arrests , Drug Treatment
Leaving State For Scheduled Shows(Unapproved )

*Instagram Was A Source Used Several Times During The Violations*

“ Prevent the RISE OF A “MESSIAH” who could unify, and electrify, the militant black nationalist movement. “ – countelpro

Question: why cant we find commonality amongst our own?


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