Tuesdays With T.Parris…..

Tuesdays With T.Parris…..

Often, I wake and take a look at the world and I gotta admit its depressing. It’s not the people tho, it’s the mentality. Today,instead of meeting people, we meet their representatives. A man would much rather introduce you to his diamond chains, and foreign cars. Our young ladies are more impressed by the amount of likes they can tally as opposed to the depths of ones conversation. The music gives insight to a darker time, one which consists of pills ,lean and low self esteem. Our leaders are now entertainers who don’t want to be role models. The phrase of today ISSA Gang Gang Gang….Meanwhile Police are targeting young black men… I want to remind you of a time in which we didn’t have. There was no internet, no social media, or cell phones, there was no cable, shit plenty of nights there was no food…Yeah it hurt, it hurt like hell.. But that was REALITY! “.. If You Forget Where You Come From, You Never Gonna Make It Where You Goin..Because You Lost The Reality Of Ya Self…”
Why are we so comfortable projecting these false images? What is it about reality that hurts so much that you dont want to accept it?


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