Ps Perspective…. ” The Revolution ” Season 2 Episode 8

Ps Perspective…. ” The Revolution ” Season 2 Episode 8

With The Murder Of George Floyd, Stirring Up So Much Pain And Passion, I Felt It Was A Great Time To Have A Heart To Heart About The Revolution. The Discussion Started When It Went From The Murder To The Feelings Of Looting, And Burning Down Property…….RIP George Floyd

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  1. Tam Williams

    110 days ago

    Thank You So Much for Making This Video and Speaking To The Ones That Have Been Fighting On The Front Lines From Day One. I Am So Moved By This And I Apologize In Advance If I Don’t Answer Your Questions In The Order That They Were Asked.
    I Have Two Sons That Are Coming Into Their Manhood And I’ve Come To Accept That I Might Have To Die In Order For Them To Live And Be Free. I Made My Peace With God And Accepted My Position For Planting Seeds And “Building Trees For Shade” That I May Never Get To Sit Under. I Understand As I Fight That It Is Not About Me But For The Ones Coming Up After And In The Name Of Our Ancestors. I Live To Fight For Our Freedom. Salute To You And Everyone That Goes Hard For Us To Be Free. Your Voice, Your Work, Your Efforts Will Not Be In Vain.

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