P’s Perspective ” Social Media Revolutionaries ” The Recap

P’s Perspective ” Social Media Revolutionaries ” The Recap

This week, we addressed the topic of “Social Media Revolutionaries,” which was sent in by Mr. Kenneth Chamberlain. I want to thank Mr. Chamberlain personally for his e-mail and his participation. Mr Chamberlain shared with us that his dad was killed by a police officer, and that there was no justice.. he is someone who has suffered directly at the hands of our antagonist. Mr. Chamberlain went on to express (without any anger or hate, I might add) that this is not a issue of race, but rather, one that revolves around love. To quote Mr. Chamberlain, “don’t look at victims of police brutality or any other violence as someone else’s problem.. but look at it as if it were someone you love.“

So, when we are online and we are in competition for attention, “likes,” comments and shares.. keep in mind that there are family members who may be suffering for days to follow as a result, and it’s unfair that we use their unfortunate situation as an opportunity to gain popularity.

Message: I can’t tell you which side to take, or which role to play – that’s an individual thing. However, whichever role you do decide to play, give it your all. There are lives being taken from us every day, and too many don’t get the national attention they deserve, but no one life is more important than any other; not a police, not the boss and not the man… If you decide to stand up for a life other than your own, please do so wholeheartedly – nothing hurts worse than feeling betrayed and/or abandoned.


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