Ps Perspective…. ” Social Distance ” Season 2 Episode 3

Ps Perspective…. ” Social Distance ” Season 2 Episode 3

This Episode We Take A Look At The Term “ Social Distance “, And What It Means In Regards To This Pandemic. Since March We Have Been In Quarentine ; Social Distancing. What Does It Entail? What Will The Long Term Affects Be ?? Tune In And See What Ps Perspective Is.

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  1. D Hop

    79 days ago

    Good points made, I believe it is definitely some type of experiment/conspiracy against the weak and under privileged. I will go a step further and say it’s not only Black/ Brown ppl but the indigenous population. Trailer park to the projects, poor is poor no matter the color.
    Also I believe “social distancing “ creates a riff between the believers and non believers where if one doesn’t or does social distant the other part ways from them. Families divided, elderly are left to fight alone where most will die and youngins have no elders to guide them. Big Brother Government wins. Control by default.

  2. Marc

    79 days ago

    Real talk. 100% Agree with your thoughts on social distancing. This is a new way to get us off of street corners, blocks and game rooms. We can no longer build or communicate in ways we once did. They want us to rely on phones so they can monitor us.

  3. Ginny

    78 days ago

    We need to hear more perspectives like yours, T.Parris. You care for everyone and we need to start listening to you. You speak from your heart and that’s a good place to start. Be safe. Be healthy!

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