Ps Perspective…. ” Safe Space ” Season 2 Episode 9

Ps Perspective…. ” Safe Space ” Season 2 Episode 9

I Felt We Have Been So Focused On This ” Pandemic/Plandemic ” That Its Becoming A Bit Overwhelming. I Wanted Us To Take A Moment And Focus On Self Care.. If We Are Not Healthy Then We Will Have A Hard Time Fighting This Fight To The End.

  1. Boogie (M.E.N)

    100 days ago

    Salute King!
    I often wonder what is the solution and what is the end game as well. I believe there is a time for everything. It took 8 minutes and 46 seconds for most of the civilized world to get on one accord and protest for racial injustice. IMO the next step is to create and execute a strategic plan that benefits the advancement and enrichment of our people as a whole. Black People of influence and wealth should invest and build communities Dedicated to this goal. Schools, banks, real estate ,multimedia etc.. we as consumers should invest our time and money. Together we can build wealth and with wealth we can acquire power and with power we can gain influence and that’s when you can create change.

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