P’s Perspective Episode 8 ” Fake Love ” Part 2

P’s Perspective Episode 8 ” Fake Love ” Part 2

Our community has been corrupted by an infectious disease of late.. this disease is called “Fake Love.”

While we have no time for an in-depth discussion of its origins, we do know that many of our youth are feeding into it, and thereby jeopardizing not only their freedom, but their lives on occasion. Let’s take a look at some of the signs & examples…

  1. Missy

    1411 days ago

    Respect great topic I loved it

  2. jaquetta white

    1410 days ago

    wow im sorry I have been missing out happy to catch this topic and you are hitting it right on to much fake love out here there are a lot of people that say they your friend they will do anything for you and then start to tell you who you should be with talk to and watch out for I tell my children grands that person telling you this is the one you need watch out for .judge people for yourself you cant if you don’t open the book for yourself so much fake love out here like the weekend friend only want to be around you when you going out but you don’t see them any other time because when they out with you they get to drink ride around eat don’t have to pay to get in the club but you don’t hear from them all week til Thursday night hey whats up how you doing whats going on this weekend hit me up ok love ya funny that’s the only time you love me

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