P’s Perspective Episode 5 ” Single Parent Fathers ” The Recap…..

P’s Perspective Episode 5 ” Single Parent Fathers ” The Recap…..

This week, our topic was “Single Parent Fathers.”  We spoke about the impact a father’s absence has, and some of the outcomes that we have come to know so very well.  Prior to our discussion, I asked how many people missed their fathers.  The number of answers I got was overwhelming (LOL)!  In trying to read and answer them all, what we learned is that a father’s presence is an imperative in the upbringing of a child.  Even among the people who didn’t have their dad, a good majority of them still miss something about him, or learned a great deal about him, even in his absence.  This particular issue was so impactful that a lot people shared their input online.  I also got personal phone calls and texts from people telling me that this discussion not only hit home, but it made them wanna open up and share their own personal stories with everyone.

Message: We don’t ask to be here.. and so, if you bring a child into this world, offer him/her the most this experience can offer.  Don’t deprive them of something as important as a parent, because that’s what you’re doing when you use the child as a pawn for leverage in family relationships.  The child suffers in more ways than you may realize…  

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