P’s Perspective Episode 4 ” Social Media Revolutionaries “

P’s Perspective Episode 4 ” Social Media Revolutionaries “

This week, we discuss “Social Media Revolutionaries“

This topic was sent in by Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr. Below is an excerpt from his e-mail:

“There is a very big difference between being a part of a movement, and just

following a movement. I come from the school of thought that you want for

your brother and sister that which you want for yourself, and when I say

brother and sister I mean all races, because one’s works are more important

than one’s skin color.”

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  1. Ann aka "Juicy"

    2015 days ago

    That was always my contention. After the protests, marching, etc. what’s next? What’s then plan?

  2. Biz

    2014 days ago

    You got to be fully in, No HALF STEPPIN… Let them know P

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