P’s Perspective Episode 19 ” Hip Hop “

P’s Perspective Episode 19 ” Hip Hop “

Last week, during our discussion about “Bridging Generation Gaps,“ one of our comrades commented:

“In my opinion, music has created the generation gap by not allowing natural artistry to happen, and ‘dictating’ what the masses consume, thus influencing ideas. We are now seeing the effects of 20 years of ‘Hip-Hop Generation,’ where building and adding on isn’t a part of the equation anymore – which is where Hip-Hop was before it went ‘Hollywood,’ so to speak.“

I’d like to know – how many of you out there in the P’s Perspective audience believe Hip-Hop is to blame for the negative situations we are now seeing within our communities? As I watch the NBA Finals and Summer Jam, as well as conduct this discussion, I can see, feel, and overstand the ways Hip-Hop plays an integral role in my life, and the lives of our people. How about you?


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