P’s Perspective Episode 18 ” Bridging Generation Gaps

P’s Perspective Episode 18 ” Bridging Generation Gaps

Our youth are our strength, for they are the passion within our community. So many of our young boys and girls grow up without proper guidance. Sure, they may have one or both parents at home, but how many children spend their time in front of television, video games, or some other form of electronic stimulus instead of spending quality time with a parent or positive role model?

Our children are sponges, and they will absorb anything that makes an impact on their young minds, whether positive or negative. We must remember that man is mainly attracted to that which stimulates. If we don’t stimulate the minds of our children, they may fall victim to so many of the traps and illusions society has waiting for them on the way to adulthood, that they never truly learn to develop their minds on their own. As we get older and begin to understand the world around us, we have to continue to lend our time, guidance, and insight to those in need. If we don’t, they too will fall short, and this cycle will continue until our only remaining option is competition amongst ourselves. The true competition lies outside of our community – we are a family, and a family that plays together is a family that stays together.

  1. Keirra

    2635 days ago

    I think we are completely disconnected from each other and from ourselves as well. We now live in a world where being sinful is glorified and rewarded and I believe the only way to correct this behavior is to redirect our way of thinking we tend to just go with the flow or make every excuse in the book for why things are the way they are

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