P’s Perspective Episode 17 ” Letting Go “

P’s Perspective Episode 17 ” Letting Go “

Letting go can be one of the most difficult things you ever have to do. I believe that people are creatures of habit – we love routine, which makes us comfortable. It is my opinion that we block our blessings when we don’t learn to let go of that which is not beneficial to us, be that friends, relationships, or job experiences. We hold on to that negativity with the intention of getting even, or getting revenge. We think that we will let it go once we achieve the goal, and ultimately, we harm ourselves more than anyone else.

We are here to grow, and sometimes growing is about letting go and truly moving past something. If it doesn’t bring you to a place of love and harmony, then it is no good for you. Let go, and embrace the infinite possibilities of your unfettered future.


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