P’s Perspective Episode 16 ” SugarHill ” … The Recap

P’s Perspective Episode 16 ” SugarHill ” … The Recap

Sugar Hill Stations

156-155 Street Between St. Nicholas & Amsterdam Avenue (PS28 School Yard)

Every Saturday morning from 10 AM – 12 PM, we will be offering a basketball skills clinic for the youth. Our main focus is to provide an alternative to the streets for our children. We strongly believe that active participation in sports (basketball in this particular case) not only teaches teamwork, it builds confidence, and assists in the development of the critical thinking skills that kids need to make better decisions and avoid trouble.

We currently have a team of individuals, that are well-known and respected in both in the community, and within the game of basketball. Each of the stations will be led by someone knowledgeable and proficient in the skill being taught. We will have stations available to help interested kids learn Shooting, Dribbling, Defense, and Post Moves.

A 30-minute skills clinic will be conducted at each station. The children will switch stations at the end of each 30-minute interval. At the end of each full session, every child in attendance from 10 AM – 12 PM will have completed a total of 4 stations and received 2 hours of skills instruction.

Not only will we be able to keep these children off the streets for the duration of the program, we will be helping them learn the necessary skills to become better basketball players, as well as helping them learn to begin to be productive and positive leaders within their own community.


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