P’s Perspective Episode 15 ” Reasonable Doubt “

P’s Perspective Episode 15 ” Reasonable Doubt “

Reasonable Doubt by Definition

“Reasonable doubt is not mere possible doubt. It is that state of the case which, after the entire comparison and consideration of all the evidence leaves the minds of the jurors in that condition that they cannot say they feel an abiding conviction to a moral certainty of the truth of the charge.”

Have you ever wondered why we support our friends’ negative ways? Why we knowingly stand by someone that we know is a criminal, has bad intentions, or just doesn’t have any morals… and then when they finally get what they deserve, we cry foul?

I’m curious as to why this happens – why do we stand with those that we know are up to no good, yet won’t support or stand beside those who have our best interests in mind? See things for what they are, not what they appear to be, or worse, what you want them to be.


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