P’s Perspective Episode 12 ” Mind Blowin Sex ” The Recap….

P’s Perspective Episode 12 ” Mind Blowin Sex ” The Recap….

Why Is Sex So Taboo?
I presented a questions to the masses prior to creating my blog entry today.  The question I asked was, “What is good sex?  Good, mind-blowing sex?” and while four beautiful women responded, the only response I received was from those four women.  Now, I have a problem with this.  We talk about everything under the sun here.  Literally, anything and everything.  However, when the topic of sex is mentioned, it’s quiet..  Why is that?  There are 129,000 cases of diagnosed HIV/AIDS in NY alone.  Of that 129,000, 80% (or 103,200 people) are in NYC.  Not to mention that there are plenty of other STDs out there, including Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Herpes just to name a few..  And whether you know it or not, “pussy“ has killed more men than both jail and drugs since the beginning of time.  We must begin to engage in discussions on this topic if we are to both combat sexually transmitted diseases, and properly prepare our children for sex the taboos and double-standards of our community. 

  1. cj

    1530 days ago

    I been taught how to be a man wrong. When it comes to women sex was the most important thing how many can we knock off Good sex to me now is just how hard I work on making my wife feel good off her feet I work twice as hard making her feel better on her feet that’s great sex to me

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