P’s Perspective Episode 1 ” Dependency ”

P’s Perspective Episode 1 ” Dependency ”

P’s Perspective is an opinionated blog that I started in order to create a platform for Us to dialogue about concerns and issues within Our community.. I welcome ALL comments and feedback – I just ask that you keep it positive.

  1. Travis

    2039 days ago

    I applaud this reaching out to all folk on different levels yo bein an old head I go back to the black book days so I have numbers in my head I have an iPhone but my important numbers are in my mind as far as the social media point listen if u have an disagreement with someone as mature folk the source is the only way to resolve issues folk get involved with negative vibes just to fuel negativity and I am a sneaker head as well don’t do the Jordan’s too much anymore it’s more like a status symbol these days anyway I blame the media and non parenting on this phenomenon the emphasis on must have limited edition craze is a marketing tool for profit anyway You made some great points this is a good thing you always represent my Brother peace and positivity

  2. Biz

    2038 days ago

    S/o to Parris… Always leading the way……. F all the bottle talk, let’s here something that will help us all grow… Keep it P and Be Great……

  3. cj

    2038 days ago

    That was right on point my brother this is what’s needed I can wait they ain’t seen you at your best yet

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