Ps Perspective ” Cheating ” Season 2 Episode 14

Ps Perspective ” Cheating ” Season 2 Episode 14

Last Week We Discussed ” Black Love ” As It Pertains To Man And Woman Relationships. We Stated That The Lack Of Comprehension Of The Others Expressions Causes A Disconnect. I Wanted To Look Into Cheating Because It Is One Of The Biggest Reasons For This Disconnect Of The Black Family.

  1. Beverly from the GOAT Group

    132 days ago

    Brother you certainly have an informed gift for gab.

    The system makes it extremely difficult for our black kings. If brother man is making an effort, I’m down to take care of him. Systemically the path for sisters is planned to be somewhat easier, to continually suppress our men. Don’t fall for it ladies with all that he gotta be rolling in a Benzo and making rain on me every payday. Stop, examine the big picture and yourself.

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