T. Parris
T. Parris

“Rappers rap, MCs put on shows.” T. Parris

Born Terry Parris, T. Parris began his life in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY. At the young age of 3, he moved to Harlem where he was raised by a remarkable combination of his grandmother (his greatest inspiration), the mean streets of Harlem, and his dad, when time and circumstances permitted. His other influences include such diverse minds as Marvin Gaye, Nas, Magic Johnson, Malcolm X, Dr. King and Tupac Shakur.

T. Parris has lived a difficult life. It was through the writing down of his tribulations and hardships that he realized his gift as a writer. It was through the ensuing noteworthy street buzz created by his writing that his talent as an MC was realized. While T. Parris was busy writing classic lines he was simultaneously setting the stage for his future, clearly demonstrating his drive to succeed.

In an effort to make the most of his obvious abilities, T. Parris has been focused on writing and rhyming for over 10 years. While many would be content to let someone else hold the reigns of their budding career in order to focus on writing, T. Parris has performed in places from HYPERLINK “http://S.O.Bs” \t “_blank” S.O.Bs in New York to Atrium in Atlanta, he has also performed on Rikers Island for the youth – with his energy and hunger playing an integral role in every opportunity he has created for himself.

T. Parris started out with a group from Harlem called M.E.N., who made a huge name for themselves independently. This lead to the birth of T. Parris “the Artist”, stepping out of the norm and displaying that he has the talent to rise to the top, going from being part of an all-star line up to a solo MVP in this hip hop game.

As a solo artist T. Parris has released 1 LP CD, 3 solo mix-tapes, 1 collaborative CD, his own DVD and is currently working on an album project. While on his mission to secure his status in the mainstream, T. Parris has made it abundantly clear that any and every microphone is fair game!

When listening to his rhymes and the thought-provoking wordplay therein,

“…3 mc’s 2 Degrees 1 Felony / the end of the road, the only thing ahead of me…” T. Parris

It becomes clear that T. Parris is definitely among the top lyricist in the game.
Lyrics like these lead one to believe that Parris is not only a writer but also a revolutionary and a trailblazer – a pioneer. However, it is his actions that solidify him as an activist,

constantly giving back to the community. Who was the last MC you know to graduate with a Master’s degree, encounter a felony, and still find the passion to deliver countless inspirational songs?

To some he is the Rakim of his era, to others he is the Langston Hughes of his genre – either comparison leads one to believe that T. Parris is a great look for hip-hop music and definitely a breath of fresh air.

Learn more about T. Parris and his music at:
HYPERLINK “http://tparris.com/” http://tparris.com/

Available Now on iTunes “A Note On Your Dresser”:
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